Being a creative individual, the inspiration that nurture my artistic abilities comes from my community. Everything from the strong bonds of my family to the brotherhood of my close friends to the rebirth of my city, each one influence my creativity that allows me to push the limit.
At the age of 16, I became obsessed with abandon buildings. At the time, these building represented Detroit. On the outside, they were freighting and uninviting buildings that once had a purpose. However, for the same reason, I couldn’t help but think of them. So, with a tiny digital camera, I did a little juvenile breaking and entering into one of these buildings and began my first photography project. When I first climbed through the broken window, a wave of fear, excitement, rush to me at once but what I had saw override all those feelings. 
Beauty. I saw beauty. 
Inside these buildings were full of wonder, colors and culture created by both nature and man. With the feeling of both inspiration and creativity flowing, I began taking photos and never stop. 
Since then, I’ve obtained a BFA in Visual Communication. Became a member of AIGA. And served on the board of directors for Beyond The Bar, an LGBT art showcase in the Midwest. 
Currently, I serve as Ignition Media Group’s creative director. Ignition’s clientele ranges from big business to small with a wide variety design branding materials including print advertisements, promotional collateral, website layouts and logo design. In addition to working at Ignition, I run my own freelance business and managed various art projects for both for profit and nonprofit businesses.
So, whether it is a start-up business, a known brand or an individual client, I have the kind of talent, experience and education that allows me to create extraordinary designs that people love.

Because of that, I have worked in a variety of creative fields including art direction, branding, photography and everything in between. Over the years, while working as a freelancer or as an in-house designer, I’ve been employed to design projects that includes developing brands for nonprofits, designing infographics for a school district, creating marketing materials for real estate developers and photographing a person’s worth into a still image.
However, this does not mean I am done learning. I am always learning. Learning new design trends. Learning to understand the difference between what the client wants vs what the client needs. I am always learning how to be a better artist.